Along the Road

The past few weeks have been less than ideal for me.   I couldn’t seem to get rid of the magnetic hold that bad news had on me. But thankfully Jehovah provides just what His people need to keep going and it’s always well timed. For myself, the perfectly timed blessing came in the form of my friend, Sharon, who welcomed me to visit her & her hubby in St. Ignace, Michigan this past weekend.

Sharon & I first met when we were randomly paired together as roommates for the 2014 International Convention of Jehovah’s Witness in Australia. We also roomed together for our stay in Fiji during that same trip. We couldn’t have asked for better roommates!

Sharon & I in Fiji (2014)

Last year, we saw each other again when she lived in Cinnaminson, NJ and I went to visit. That same week we did a day trip to NYC & toured the MET with some friends of mine. It was a great time. Fast forward to this year where we found ourselves hanging out in another different location.  This time, the place was St. Ignace, MI where she now lives with her hubby, Geoff.  St. Ignace is so beautiful and I enjoyed every moment of my roadtrip to get there. Here’s a breakdown of my awesome weekend:

The drive up to St. Ignace was about 7hrs including my 3 rest stops. Along the way I encountered a few stormy moments and a few confusing ones when I had no cell service…


The storm clouds


Screenshot of my phone. “No Service” (upper left corner)

…but in the end it was all worth it when I arrived safely in St. Ignace. It’s a sleepy, old fashioned, yet adorable little town that you would read about in books or see in movies. I instantly fell in love with this place.

I drove past the public marina

An old fashioned trading post shop in town

I thought I would be exhausted after the drive but I was so excited to explore the town that I didn’t feel tired when I arrived at Sharon & Geoff’s apt. After unpacking a little bit, I was ready to sightsee. Sharon & I walked across the street to catch a ferry that took us to the beautiful Mackinac Island.


My ferry ticket was $25 for round trip


Sharon & I 😁
Riding the ferry
Soaking up some sun
Getting off the ferry

The island is a hidden gem in Michigan that I never knew existed. It’s comprised of expensive, Victorian-style vacation homes, homemade fudge shops, & the historically famous Grand Hotel. Mackinac Island is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s a breathtaking location that’s willfully & happily stuck in an unmodernized era of horse drawn carriages and bicycles. No automobiles are allowed to be driven on the island. The entire location is decorated like a picture perfect movie set in the sense that it’s beauty feels almost unreal. We took a carriage tour around the island, had some good food & marveled at Jehovah’s creations.


Look how clean the street is


Horse and carriage is common on the island
Perfect day for kite flying


Put my feet in the water & it was surprisingly warm
I was so excited
Walking through the downtown area.


Spinach quesadillas at Horn’s Restaurant
All smiles while touring the island.
Sharon & I held up the whole tour because we were petting the horses for so long lol


Arch Rock was my fav place on the island
Look how perfectly the flowers are planted


Selfie in front of the Grand Hotel


Jehovah is an amazing artist

The scenery was so beautiful. Definitely will be planning another trip to Mackinac Island in the future!!


The next day we met for service at the Bogart’s house which is home to the most adorable Dashund I’ve ever met. Her name is Bella. My friends informed me that Bella likes to ride in the car with her family during field service. Yes DURING field service. Apparently Michigan is extremely dog friendly and some of the residents, like the Bogart’s, will take their dog almost anywhere they possibly can.

She was demanding a belly rub

She loves to snuggle

After service, Sharon & Geoff drove us on a mini road trip to Tahquamenon Falls. We got the chance to see the Upper Falls and wade through the Lower Falls. It was the coolest thing I’ve done all summer!

Upper Falls


Me, Sharon & Geoffrey

Can’t believe we hiked across the rocks and all the raging waters

Made it to the Lower Falls!


How often do u get this close to a waterfall right?

During our waterfall trek I ate a WILD  blueberry. Sharon & Geoff pick them off of bushes and eat them all the time up here. Eventually with much persuasion I finally trusted them lol. They’re really tiny but taste just like blueberries we buy at the grocery stores.

Geoff ate one to prove to me it was perfectly safe

After a busy day of chasing waterfalls ( cues TLC’s song) we went back to the apt. to watch the fireworks show. It takes place right off of the lake every Saturday night during the summer. It was the perfect way to end the evening.


Geoff & Sharon live so close to the lake that we had a great view from inside.


The next day we spent the morning in Sault, Canada. Geoff was assigned to give a talk at the Cambridge cong  so we had to bring our passports and make the 1hr drive to the Canadian  border. The cong was super friendly and I loved meeting all of the friends & listening to their accents. (Pretty cool, aye?)

Crossing the border
Officially in Canada


It was a 3-auditorium hall with 5 congs in total

One of the sweet sisters i met named Lisa

*We had planned to do some sightseeing after the meeting but that was pushed aside by my urgency to return home. As many of you may know, I will be an aunt very soon! My brother texted me about an hour before I began writing this blog to inform me that Baby Naomi is on her way. I can’t wait to drive back home and meet my new niece! Family first. Canada later.*

By far, this was one of the most fun weekends I’ve had this year. This mini vacay was just what I needed.

I boldly proved to myself that I could drive a 7hr road trip solo, walk through waterfalls, eat wild fruit, and survive 3 days with poor cell phone coverage (the mightiest accomplishment of all lol)  As a result, I now have a new outlook on life.

I realized that along the road there will be stormy moments as it were, when anxiety or sadness try to get the best of me. There will also be moments in life when I feel like I have no cell service. Those are the times when I feel lost or uncertain. But for every crappy moment in life, there is a beautiful island, powerful waterfall and gorgeous sunset to make the journey worthwhile.

No matter what transpires in life, just know that hope, beauty, & encouragement will always exist somewhere in some form. You may just need to hop on the road and ask Jehovah to help you find it. I’m glad I did.


B.P ❤️


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