Me, Myself, & Miami

Solo travelling has become a popular trend recently so I decided to see what all the hype was about this week and booked a flight for me, myself & I to visit Miami, Florida.  Sometimes my life becomes too complicated, the Chicago winter gets too depressing, or I just crave a fun getaway to rediscover myself. The remedy: Miami. This city proved to be the perfect, little escape for me. I learned to laugh at myself, be adventurous and take time to do things that make me happy. Check it out.


Hello Miami πŸŒ…

Monday I touched down at Miami International Airport and thanks to my delayed flight I was rushing to arrive on time to the midweek meeting of the South Sign Language cong.  

Outside of the Kingdom Hall

After a hurried hotel check-in and 1 Uber ride later I arrived at the Kingdom Hall 15 mins late only to discover that the meeting taking place was not ASL but rather Spanish. No habla Espanol!  

My salty face

An elder saw the look on my face lol and kindly explained that the Spanish cong had switched meeting nights with the ASL cong due to a CO visit. That meant the ASL meeting would be the following night. As much as I plan and organize things sometimes unexpected circumstances will prevail and there’s nothing you can do but laugh and go with the flow. So that’s precisely what I did as I said “Adios” and exited the Kingdom Hall. Although, it was an inconvenience, I was relieved that I had not missed the opportunity altogether to attend the ASL meeting.

The next night I returned to the hall and was so happy to be among Jehovah’s people who communicate in the language that I love. Yay!


Polly, Beverly, & I (from left to right)
Polly, Eli, Adrianna, Me, Beverly, & Dominique
Small but awesome cong
 I met some awesome friends one of which is named Dominique. When I explained to her that I was traveling solo she couldn’t believe it. Immediately she decided to make arrangements to hang out with me for the rest of the week and then introduced me to everyone else at her congregation. The warm welcome that I experienced at the Miami South Sign Language congregation taught me one simple, important fact:

 When you are one of Jehovah’s people you are never alone. 

I knew if I made it to the kingdom hall that night I would be just fine. But never in a million years did I imagine I would walk in unknown and walk out with a lasting friendship. I’m so thankful to Jehovah for that. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Wednesday, while Dominique was at work, I decided to be adventurous and take the bus to the nearby Miami Zoo. It was a great experience! Usually when I travel I try to utilize the public transportation of whatever country or state I’m staying in and then give my infamous review of whether I liked it or not. In this case, the bus system that operates in the Miami-Dade area was fairly simple to figure out and I was able to travel with ease. 

Bus card

  The bus dropped me off right in front of the entrance of the Miami Zoo which was super convenient. Yay for economical and easy transportation!


Entrance to Miami Zoo
Speaking of economical, as awesome as the Miami Zoo is I was really surprised that admission tickets are only $20 for adults. (And because I am a coupon queen I checked the free maps at my hotel and found a $3 off admission coupon. Woop woop.)  

Coupons save lives ☝🏽️
The zoo was so amazing! Those of you who truly know me are familiar with how much of an animal lover I am. Therefore, spending the day at this zoo was like the most perfect experience ever.  

Miami Zoo offers awesome animal encounters like giraffe feeding, rhinoceros feeding, and camel rides! Of course, I lined up for each of those. Take a look.


So amazing! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Giraffes have really long tongues & theyre super greedy!
Petting the camel. They’re sooooo SOFT
The rhino
Later that evening, Dominique picked me up and we went in service. She has an awesome deaf Bible student named Martha that she studies with at a local Starbucks on Wednesday nights. Martha’s answers and drawings in preparation for her study was really encouraging to see. It was also super exciting to see her say that one of her goals is to be baptized. I was happy to sit in on her study and get a glimpse of the progress I hope she continues to make.  

After service, it was sushi time!  


Dom & her bf Yonsan
Had some great food and great laughs with those two goofballs.

The next day was just as fun. I did mall witnessing with Dom and a sister from her cong named Kelly.  

Our awesome little car grp
After service we drove to another mall that is home to LeMacaron, a French inspired pastry  boutique that has the best macarons I have ever tasted. They are pricey but totally worth it if you ever find yourself in Miami with a sweet tooth.   


So many flavors to choose from
The owner, Julian, who is from Paris
Nutella, pistachio, chocolate, rose, nutella, mon cherie macarons (Upper left to right)
  The macarons were delicious! 

After the mall, Dom drove to Key Biscayne so I could get some awesome views & pics of the beach right before sunset.   


why be normal when you can be silly 😁
67 degrees is cold for natives and warm for tourists lol. Boots vs. flip flops
Leaving the beach. the sunset was perfection
That evening Dom and her family invited me over for family worship and I really enjoyed myself.  

Dom’s mom, boyfriend & stepdad
 They made me feel like I was home and because of that Miami will forever have a special place in my heart. My trip was truly amazing. I learned just how fearless I really am, created new friendships with awesome people, & left feeling relaxed, peaceful & thankful. Ultimately, my solo travels in the Sunshine State have given me  a bright new perspective on life and I can’t wait to return. β˜€οΈ    



Always remember: Be true. Be bold. Be you. 😊 ✌🏼️

B.P ❀️ 






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