Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! πŸ‘―

My second week in Thailand has been nothing short of absolute fun. Although my primary reason for being here is to preach the word, I’ve also taken full advantage of some of the sights and activities this country has to offer. My traveling group and I have truly experienced the tourism of Thailand.  Let me share some of my favorite, fun moments so far with you! 

First up is our trip to Lumpini Park, a huge, beautiful, serene park located in Bangkok.  

Welcome to Lumpini Park
Beautiful scenery
The park is well known mostly for its population of kimono dragons that reside in and around the lake. 🐲 The locals refer to them as alligators lol but they’re not nearly as harmful. 


Closer look at the kimono dragon
The lake was so pretty

We rented pedal boats on the lake and it was so much fun!  

Time to climb on in
Palore & I in our pedal boat 😁

Next fun adventure was our trip to Koh Samed island. Our friend Cat suggested we take a bus ride to one of the nearby beaches and that is precisely what we did. She and her husband Kurt taught us how to get our tickets and where to catch the bus at.  

Cat & Kurt showing us the ropes
Waiting area at bus terminal
Once we were settled in the bus terminal, I decided to do some witnessing while we waited. I met a man and showed him a message written in Thai that asks: Do you know any deaf in the area? (Our friend Amanda wrote it out for us as an aid in the ministry)   

The man spoke some English and replied that his own sister is deaf but lives some distance away. I explained that there was a cong in Bangkok for the deaf and she might like it. He asked whereabout and I gave him a meeting invite with the KH address. It was a great experience. Shortly after it was time for us to board our bus to Koh Samed Island.  

The tour bus was decorated so festively
Lele is sitting near me. Yay
4 hours later we arrived at the pier, did a little shopping
then took a ferry boat to the island. 


Palore shopping
Some locals that wanted to take a pic w/us
Are We There Yet?
View from ferry boat ride
 We spent the night on the island.  Take a look at our room and the beautiful views of Koh Samed.  

Where our little house was located
Our shared bedroom
The sunset 😍
Welcome to the beach ladies!
Soaking up the sun and the views

And I can’t forget the amazing food I had. Best meal of the trip so far was on this island.  

 Shrimp cakes and fried rice topped w/ fried egg. (All the fried food is awful for my skin but so worth it!) It was sooooo delicious. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Next favorite moment was the day Palore and I went to Bangkok Sea Life Ocean World. It’s one of the largest aquariums in the world. It made Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium look like a puddle of water. SeaLife was amazing.  


I named him Mr. Krabs
Octopus. πŸ™
Love the colors of these fish
The mean sea otters
Walking thru the glass tunnel
Me being me πŸ˜…
Little jellyfish
Upclose with more penguins
The aquarium also had more awesome exhibits. 1 of my favs was the glass floor that lets you stand over as sharks and sting rays swim underneath. 


Dont be afraid Palore! lol
My other fav moment was the Ocean Feeding Boat. It’s an exhibit that allows guests to get in a boat and ride around afloat the shark & stingray tank as the trainers feed the fish.  It was pretty cool!  


The boating area
Life jacket ? check.


And now I saved the best for last. Yesterday we went to the floating market, Tiger Temple, & an elephant camp. It was epic! Take a look.  

Where we boarded the boats
Fresh fruit to buy & eat
Lele, Danielle & Davina
It was so peaceful 😊
I bought spring rolls while we were in the river
They sold coconut ice cream in the river
Afterwards we went to Tiger Temple. It’s a temple where monks live and train Tigers to be peaceful. (Don’t know how well that works) We got a chance to pet them and take one for a walk!  

Entrance to Tiger Temple
Lele petting the big tiger
Little tiger
Hanging out 🐯
Danielle walking her tiger
Walking my tiger 🐯
 It was so cool. But the best thing we did was go to the elephant camp. We got to ride the elephants into a river,( I can finally check that off my bucket list! πŸ˜†) play with them & feed them bananas.  

Headed down towards the river
My elephant was trying to go underwater!
#14 on my bucket list: completed.
Us and our elephant trainers
The girls were spraying ea other with their elephant snouts
Leaving the river
They bullied Alina lol
They love bananas! Peel & all
My new friends 🐘🐘
The best part about this day was that at the end we got to witness to our tour guide that drove us around all day. No matter what we’re doing here it’s always important to remember to give a witness about Jehovah. I wouldn’t be enjoying this trip of a lifetime if it wasn’t for Him! I feel so grateful. 

 2 weeks down. 2 more to go. 

B.P ❀️


4 thoughts on “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! πŸ‘―

  1. So proud of you and look how serving Jehovah in your youth has been blessed. he has truly opened up the flood gates. Such a good example for our young sisters.
    Safe travels

    Keeping you in my prayers, Yolanda

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a life you are enjoying in serving Jehovah !
    Can you imagine an old gray haired man like me leading elephants
    and tigers ? It would be regal !
    You have two more wonderful weeks to enjoy ! Have fun !
    Keep sending the pictures !
    I expect to ask many many “questions” when you get back !πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    Coretta would have went “Coochie Coochie Coo!”


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