Life of Thai

Sawadee ka! (Hello!) The past few days, I’ve been experiencing the languages (obviously), foods, & cultures that Thailand has to offer. It’s been a fun adjustment living here so far. Welcome to the life of the Thai! 

One of the biggest adjustments is that I’m working with 2 language barriers over here: Thai & Thai sign language. This has presented a huge communication struggle seeing as I speak English & know American Sign Language. But I came prepared for the challenge! I’ve written out some Thai terms I can speak ( I use the term speak very loosely. It’s almost laughable) and Thai words that I’ve learned how to sign. 


I got the chance to use some of this very limited knowledge the other day. I was at the coffee shop and ready to pay for my bill so we could leave for field service. 

 I told the waitress “Kep tang ka” (which is probably highly inaccurate) but she realized that I was trying to say “Bill please.” So she understood my bootleg spoken Thai & brought the check to me! Woot woot. 

Onward to field service!  

First day of service!
Later that day Br. Kurt Christie took Palore & I on a return visit to a deaf Thai woman. 

Territory is confusing and often we rely on handrawn maps
 When we reached the woman’s gate we saw she was sleeping & we had no way of waking her up. Kurt prayed that Jehovah wake her up and guess what?..she woke up within seconds! 


deaf Thai woman
Kurt communicating in Thai sign lang

 She saw us at her gate and came over. Most of the Thai signing I didn’t understand but some signs are the same or very similar to ASL. I was able to introduce myself and show her my sign name. Kurt explained that Palore and I were friends visiting from America. He also had the chance to show her the video about ‘How Do You View The Future?’ In Thai sign language from the JW app. 


She seemed very interested!
 It was very clear that Jehovah blessed our efforts to find and speak to her.   
Palore, the return visit, & I

Jehovah also blessed us with the wonderful friends in the Thai Sign Language Cong who have been a tremendous help in teaching us the language. Some of the friends here even know ASL which helps us bridge the communication gap even more. It’s so beautiful having the deaf friends introduce themselves to us after the meetings and try to answer our questions about Thai signs. I’m in love with their language already despite not knowing it yet. ๐Ÿ’•  

Joshua and Amanda Grey
Time for the mtg to start!
Teach us Americans TSL
So much love!

I was able to comprehend only about 40% of the meeting tonight but something is better than nothing. Yay for small sign language victories! 
Something else I’m feeling very victorious about is the fact that the food here is pretty good. Some foods are a little strange but I’m getting used to them. I ate the Thai version of Lays chips the other day. They tasted good. 

I also had a tuna sandwich made with 3 pieces of bread. It had carrots and lettuce and a tangy sauce. Yum yum. 


The cut the crust off all the sandwiches
The next day I had tasty fried rice with a refreshing coconut smoothie. 


shrimp fried rice
The most adventurous thing I’ve eaten here so far has been the rambutan. It’s an exotic fruit grown in Asia. You peel the red outer layer and eat it. If a grape and a pear were cross breed it would taste like rambutan.  


Looks weird tastes ehhh ok
One night we went to an outdoor street market that served a variety of foods and drinks. I had bruschetta and mango juice. Weird combo I know. But it was awesome! 


the W Market

Good bruschetta!
We got to be a little fancy the other night at an Italian restaurant (yes they have Italian restaurants in Thailand). Our American friends, the Christies and the Greys, who currently live here took us to the Wine Collection. The food & drinks were so delicious!


Loved the vibe and decor

My spinach ravioli was the
The whole gang
My pasta and wine was great. Palore’s pasta was a little too ‘phet’ (spicy) for her. Thailand’s description of spicy is apparently on another level than American spicy.

Between the intense humidity, heat and spicy food it has been vital for us to stay hydrated. Sis. Cat Christie told us to drink at least 2 huge bottles before we leave everyday. It’s just a way of life when you’re staying in Thailand.

Crowded public transportation is also apart of the culture. Packed trains, buses & trucks are very common for the Thai people.  


Alina made friends w/ some Brits on the train
Crowded on the train every day
Catching the bus for the 1st time
Br. Joshua Grey taught us how to purchase transit cards for the BTS skytrain. That’s how we’ve been getting to and from the hall


Lele & Josh Grey
Our transit card for the train
Also motorcycles and scooters are everywhere! They don’t restrict sidewalks just for walking so cars and motorcycles will often whiz by while we’re walking. The traffic is crazy almost all the time so most people just walk wherever they can. 


Yeah they really drive right past u!
Monks walking
walking & exploring Bangkok
Yesterday we walked past the shrine area that was bombed about 2 weeks ago. There were many people leaving flowers at the site to mourn the loss of lives. 

The site where the bomb exploded

The shrine and the flowers ppl leave there
I know many of you reading are concerned about the safety of me and the sisters I’m traveling with but so far we have been safe. Jehovah is looking out for us and making sure we have the best possible experience of Thai life while we’re here. 


ASL for I love you ๐Ÿ˜Š
Sending love from Thailand.  




8 thoughts on “Life of Thai

  1. That didn’t look like mango juice to me! LOL
    Keep your eye on those motorcycles, they look a little shaky….maybe too much mango juice!


  2. Work Hard and enjoy the experience. Remember we live long enough to make a good name with Jehovah, and you all reaching out for the greater gift is a positive way of expressing your esteem to Jehovah and his spirit directed organization. I am so happy for you all. I will be watching .

    Tesla50 NB

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bethany Bethany Bethany
    You are really enjoying yourself !
    Isn’t serving Jehovah great ?
    I also see you are in vegan heaven ! Have a great time !
    I see you already have a natural !


  4. It’s great to see you exploring and enjoying the land. Have a great experience and be safe. Thanks for the blog it’s good to live through you since I can’t do this right now.

    Liked by 1 person

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