Take Off to Thailand 💺✈️

For those of you who don’t know, over the past 20 hours I have been in route to Bangkok, Thailand.  It’s been an exciting start to my trip already as I’m encountering new people, cultures, & food.

Tuesday afternoon I was ready to say my goodbyes and officially start my take off for Thailand! ✈️✌


3 bags for little ol’ me


Saying bye to my Aunt as she dropped me off


checkin counter

My trip had barely even begun & I already had the awesome opportunity to meet & preach to some great people onboard my flight. When I reached my gate at O’Hare Airport I met up with the rest of the sisters I’m traveling with & to our surprise there was a deaf man sitting right across from us. His name is Jason. We were able to meet him & happily explain what the purpose for our travels are. It was so cool to meet a deaf person on the first day of our trip! I feel like it set the tone for the amazing sign language adventures that lay ahead for us.  There’s no doubt that Jehovah blessed us with this opportunity.


J & Alina


Me & J

Once I boarded the flight, I found myself seated next to an elderly woman named Donna. She informed me that she traveled to Thailand before and was curious what my friends & I would be doing there for an entire month. I got a chance to explain to her in great detail about Jehovah’s Witnesses and the voluntary worldwide preaching work we’re involved in. She was really impressed and asked a lot of questionsn! (How’s that for a great start to the service year? 😎)

13 hours in flight later…we arrived at Narita International Airport for our layover in Tokyo, Japan.      
I spent my 3 hour layover observing just how different Japan is from any place I’ve ever visited. For instance, take a look at a Japanese style toilet.

The Rubix Cube of toliets


After that confusion, I went to find something to eat & tried a fried vegetable soup with Japanese noodles. It was pretty good despite my struggle with the chopsticks.


Where I ordered my food


Fried vegetable w/ Japanese noodles

6 hours in flight later…I found myself in Bangkok, Thailand! We exchanged our money into Thai Bahts, fumbled through getting a metered taxi for about an hour & finally managed to arrive at our hostel.


Welcome sign at the airport

Thai baht currency


Debating with the cabbie about giving us a fair price!


Passing thru the local area


Struggling up the street steps w/ our luggage


C’mon Alina! you can do it lol


The hostel we’re staying at


Our room


Happy but tired after an entire day of travel!

It has been an adventure already for myself and the others I’m traveling with. But we’re looking forward to exploring Thailand tomorrow.! 1 day down. 29 more to go. ✌️
Stay tuned.

B.P ❤️


6 thoughts on “Take Off to Thailand 💺✈️

  1. That toilet was better than the one we saw at the Great Wall of China! At least it looked a little private. (Think about it…)
    Have fun, be safe, keep us posted! Great commentaries too!
    We miss you and love you much!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am crying and laughing at the same time ! The toilet must have been a puzzle though it looked very clean! You are enjoying life to the fullest all because of serving Jehovah ! You go girl !

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Beth, I so appreciate your commentary about you trip and experiences very encouraging and makes me like a part of me is right there with you. Keep it coming as best you can. Jehovah is certainly blessing your efforts is more than one way. 😍


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