Island Adventures🌴🌺🐚🌊

Currently cruising back to the States and admiring the perfect tan I have thanks to all my island adventures this week. I got a chance to soak up sun in the beautiful Grand Turk, Curaçao & Aruba. Each island appealed to me in a unique way through its culture, scenery & weather. Take a look at my recap of each place: 

Grand Turk: 

The first port stop was a great kickstart to this awesome trip. After 2 days at sea we had finally arrived to the beautiful Grand Turk. My friends and I stepped off the ship in total excitement! 


So excited lol
Kaitlyn & I 😎
After the initial excitement wore off, we found a tour guide that took our group of friends into town & even to see the local Kingdom Hall. It was sooo nice!  


the whole clan

Unfortunately, no one was at the Kingdom Hall when we stopped by but I’m glad we got a chance to see the building. I love seeing where friends around the world gather to praise Jehovah. 
The tour also took us past the beautiful beach (which we later explored), the National Museum & a donkey farm. (Apparently donkeys are very loved by the people of Grand Turk.) 


The Beach! We’ll be back soon!
National Museum of Turks & Caicos
Theyre so adorable

After the driving tour, we circled back to the beach and of course I fell in love with it. The blue water, white sand & gorgeous palm trees found a special place in my heart.  


Clear water & my sandy toes
Beach time
Snorkel time! 

I had fun snorkeling!
My view from my beach chair 🌴
The beach was conveniently close to the ship 🚢
Before we got back on the ship, I made a quick stop at the Margaritaville (of course for a margarita) but also for some awesome
shrimp tacos. They were soooo good!  

Food heaven= These shrimp tacos


The second stop on my cruise was the amazing Curaçao island. For those of you who don’t know where Curaçao is located, it sits far south of the Dominican Republic and very near north of the coast of Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea. (Don’t feel bad I had no idea Curacao existed either until I travelled there) Once I stepped off the ship I instantly fell in love with this island. 


the water was sooo true blue
On the rocky shore
one of many beautiful views in Curacao
I was feeling really adventurous this day so I went into town to explore. I took a tour to a liqueur factory, drove past the Curaçao Bethel Branch, went to the local market and local movie theater. It was awesome! 


Graffiti message on the side of a house
Entrance to the Liquer Factory
The Curacao Branch

 We got a chance to spot the Curaçao Bethel Branch while out & about.  Our driver/tour guide and fellow passengers were nice enough to allow us to pull over, get out to take pictures in front of the Branch building and wait for us to re-board. 

After that I went to explore the floating market where boats pulled up to the dock & displayed tons of fresh fruit & handmade gifts that you can walk up & buy. 


The currency in Curacao

Later that night I went to the movies to see Paper Towns! The movie was in English with Spanish subtitles. It was pretty cool sitting in the crowded theater as I heard a slew of English, Spanish, & Dutch conversations taking place during the movie previews. Curaçao is a melting pot of cultural influences. 


 The theater was fairly close to the ship port so after the movies I walked back to my room via the floating bridge. It was a great night.  


The last stop on my island hop journey was the bright and beautiful Aruba. It’s one of the places on my Travel BucketList (no you are never too young to have a BucketList) So I was especially happy about visiting this island. 

Mission: Find The Beach was in full effect the minute we hit land.  We hopped in a cab & headed towards the nearest beach. 

kate, kc & I
Smile Youre In Aruba sticker
  The sand in Aruba was so soft and bright. The sky was such a true blue. It was like a little slice of paradise. 
girls just wanna have fun
the water was gorgeous
drinking pineapple juice, coconut water & rum. ! 🍍
under the shade

 Watching the sunset was the perfect way to end my day in Aruba.  
 We did absolutely nothing else besides hang out at the beach but I loved it. This was definitely one of the best beach days I’ve ever had! 

It was soooo wonderful being surrounded by Jehovah’s beautiful creation for this past week. Taking in the sea, the sand & the sun was more than I could have asked for. It was an awesome & adventurous vacation for which I am so grateful for. 🙏🏼 Wanna know more about one of the islands I ventured to? Don’t be afraid to drop a comment. I’ll be sure to answer. #SelfProclaimedIslandGal 🌸

B.P ❤️


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