Cruise Food & Fun 

July 25th, 2015 marks the date of my very first cruise and I can truthfully say it will not be my last. It was awesome! So awesome, in fact, that I could write a never-ending blog about the Carnival Conquest cruise I took. But instead I’ll only share some of the highlights onboard. 

Cruise Food: 

I’ve heard many mixed reviews of cruise line food but after eating it for an entire week I will  try my best to give a clearer viewpoint. Here’s a look at some dishes I had & what I thought of them. (Warning do not look if you’re hungry) 

 First meal on the cruise was good!..

Thumbs up for the Sweet & Sour Shrimp

  My breakfast was pretty standard everyday. There was a breakfast buffet for those who like to get a lot fancier with their food in the morning but it didnt do much for me.  

Hashbrowns & Sunny side up eggs
  The next few nights at dinner were really good…

Stuffed mushrooms with spinach & cheese
Lobster tail & jumbo shrimp


Indian Food! Lentils & rice
Lentils & Rice. vegetarian option
blackened tilapia & cajun rice
Veggie lasagna 😋
Crab Cake appetizer

And a couple nights it was a miss at dinner…👎🏼  
Broccoli & cheese soup didnt taste like much
Molten chocolate cake was too gummy for me
 But my favorite go-to dessert which was available 24/7 on the cruise was froyo! It was so good. I’m sure I ate my entire weight in frozen yogurt over the course of this week. 😋🍦 

Now onward to the fun! 

Cruise Fun: 

There were so many activities, shows & seminars to go to everyday onboard. I loved the variety. There’s literally something for everyone to do onboard cruises. Here’s a look at a few things I enjoyed this week…


We’re pretty now hehe
  My first day on the ship Kate & I went to a makeup seminar. They taught us make up tips & did demos on us. 😊 It was nice. 

tanning & drinking
If makeup isn’t your thing (sorry guys) u can always drink! That counts as an activity right? Lol. We had some great drinks while onboard and also got our tan on. I call that fun. 

Every night on the deck there was a party or a movie being played. I spent a lot of time up there. It was one of my fav spots on the ship. 


Watching Age of Ultron on the deck

If you’re not the partying type & prefer more class, I would recommend the art auction. It was pretty cool. 


At the Art Auction
Sipping champagne & buying art!
For the kids at heart there’s a water slide with your name on it. Woohoo! I enjoyed it a couple times. 

  But most of the time I liked sitting outside, feeling the breeze in my hair and listening to the DJ play music as we cruised along to the next destination.   
I also enjoyed the musical shows the 8 person cast would perform in every night. They did rock songs from the 80s ( my favorite!), songs by some of the biggest divas in the industry, & the last night was a Latin-infused musical performance. 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

As you can see, there was plenty of food to eat & plenty of fun things to do. I had a blast this week. My first cruise was awesome and I can’t wait to go again. Wanna know what destinations the cruise took me to? Check out my next blog Island Adventures. 

B.P ❤️


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