Don’t Procrastinate on Packing

I know most like to wait until a couple days or one day before they travel to begin packing but I don’t. For any trip I take, the packing process starts a week or more before my departure date. Why so early?…


If you own a lot of clothes like I do then it’s best to start packing a week before your trip. It’s often time consuming sorting through what seems like a never-ending closet looking for that one shirt or pair of shorts you want to take with you. Start packing early and you will save yourself a lot of stress and give yourself plenty of time to find everything.

Another common occurrence is searching for clothes you want to pack only to discover they’re in the dirty hamper and must be washed. Instead of rushing at the last minute to wash & dry your items, start to mentally or literally make a list of clothes you need to clean the week before you go.Then you can wash, dry & have everything neatly folded. It’s much easier and organized that way.


Many people keep their luggage in an area of the house that requires them to fish it out as if it’s trapped in some dark abyss. Don’t wait until the last minute to wrangle out your luggage. Brush the cobwebs off, remove old airport tags, and make sure it’s in good working condition long before you depart the next day.

Also if you’re traveling internationally or with an unfamiliar airline it’s best to check the weight restrictions for your luggage and the size restrictions for your carry on. This is info you need to know well in advance so you can adjust accordingly.


Another advantage of packing early is that you will see what you have enough of and what you need more of regarding: toiletries (toothpaste, deodorant, lotion,), hair accessories (bobby pins, hair ties, headbands), and of course snacks. Once you see what you’re missing you’ll have plenty of time to stock up at the store without being in a rush.

     In my opinion, part of being a great traveler starts with being a great planner… So go plan, pack & enjoy your trips because I’m off to do the same!

B.P ❤

#1WeekUntilCruiseDay #ArubaHereICome


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