Ticket Tuesday ✈️

Today I woke up at 6:15 a.m. (eyes halfway open, no coffee yet)…all for the love of travel. Today is Tuesday, which ppl say statistically is the best day to purchase airline tickets. Now typically I don’t feed into the plethora of travel myths and statistics BUT this one just might be valid…

For the past week I have been watching the prices of airfare from Chicago to D.C on Southwest’s website. This is what I discovered: The flight I wanted was originally $89 one-way when I checked last Tuesday. On Friday, that same flight went up to $114 one-way. It’s a known fact that on the weekends, Friday -Sunday, airlines jack up the prices. So I checked the flight price yesterday on Monday and to my dismay it was $163 for one-way. However, today the Southwest flight went back to the original price of $89 one-way and the return trip back home is $97. So in total I’m going to D.C for only $186. Yay! So maybe all the travel hype is true. Tuesday might be the best day economically to buy airfare.

Next time you fly, try purchasing tix on Tuesday mornings. It just might save you some money like it did for me!

*Also if you travel frequently in the U.S sign up for Southwest’s Rapid Rewards program. It’s free and allows you to earn points then use them later for discounted airfare. Thank me later. 

B.P ❤


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