Comfort in NYC🗽

Everyone knows how strange being in a new city can be, especially the crowded and chaotic New York City. But it always makes me feel a little more comfortable when I see a familiar face from back home. This past Tuesday I spent the day in NYC with some of my friends I haven’t seen in a while & truly felt at home.

Had lunch with these folks. Love them like family!…

Lydia & I

Me, Lydia, Steve & Auntie Pat

We toured the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET Museum)…


We were assigned a brother who was our Oasis tour guide for the “Woman and the Seed” tour. We learned a lot! It was amazing being able to see how accurate Bible prophecy is and its evidence in historical artifacts within the MET museum…


I would recommend that everyone put this on their bucket list. You must tour the MET museum in NYC. Some of the Biblical & historical facts you will learn will blow your mind! My favorite part of the tour was this point:

If Jehovah can explain and fulfill detailed prophecies throughout the course of history…is there anything He cannot help us with? Is there any problem too complicated for Him to solve? Absolutely not.

Comforting thought isn’t it?

B.P ❤️


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