Give it a Try 

They say it’s a first time for everything …And oh how true that is. Since I’ve been in New Jersey I’ve encountered new experiences & new people. I’d like to share some with you:

I spent this week staying at my friend’s house with her cat, Snowball. Now everyone that knows me knows I’m not very fond of cats. 😾 So you can imagine my surprise when I got out the shower Saturday morn & saw the door ajar & Snowball the cat waiting by the tub. Def a new experience lol…it was very creepy. But she meant no harm & now I actually quite like her. Thanks to Snowball I might be able to tolerate cats now. I just had to give her a chance.

Now onward to more serious things lol…

Saturday afternoon I got the opportunity to attend a graduation ceremony for those in the Haitian Creole language class near Atlantic City, NJ. It was awesome. There were 30 students in the class. Listening to their experiences, challenges, & love for the Creole language was extremely encouraging. I got to spend some time with one of the students who graduated this weekend. It was really nice being around others who are serving in another language field. When asked if they had any advice for those contemplating learning a new language several of the students response was: Do it now! Sign up today! Go for it!

The Haitian Creole songbook


Sunday I visited the Barrington cong & had the awesome opportunity to meet a sister named Karen & her husband. They’re from Brooklyn, NY & just completed the School for Kingdom Evangelizers.( SKE)  Their assignment led them to serve in NJ for the next 2months. I told her that going to SKE was one of my goals. Her response was: Go for it! It’s such a wonderful experience. (Noticing the pattern yet?)

Jonathan, Karen & I
Karen & I. She’s so funny & sweet

After the meeting Karen & I met a man at the Kingdom Hall named Mr. Winkle. We were intrigued by his name lol & wanted to know more. One of the elders informed us that he was in his late 80s & was studying the Bible with the Witnesses. What’s notable about Mr. Winkle is that he studied on & off for many years but this was the first time that he had started to attend meetings & make real progress. His experience taught me that no matter how old you are or how many times it takes you it’s never too late to try. 

Mr. Winkle ( on the left)


Monday night I tried a panzerotti for the first time. What is a panzerotti you ask? A deep fried calzone. Health nuts beware: If you ever travel to Jersey or Philly stay away from the crunchy, cheesy, greasy goodness of the panzerotti.  I was told by everyone I met in Jersey that panzerottis were great so I decided to try one.

Turns out panzerottis are delicious! So I’m really glad I gave it a try

Moral of the story is: Whether it’s tolerating a new animal, learning a new language, going to one of the branch schools, making substantial progress in the Truth, or tasting a new food…..Don’t be afraid to try. Go for it! Do it now! 

If there’s something new (big or small) you plan on trying soon, share it with me.

B.P ❤️



2 thoughts on “Give it a Try 

  1. Hello my sister 😍
    I came across your website by mistake. I saw Karen & Johnathon in your pics. I haven’t personally met them; but they are good friends of other mutual friends. You know we are never strangers in Jah’s organization. They’ve been encouraging hubby & I to apply for SKE.
    In Sept, we will take your advice……Go for it & give it a try!!

    Much Love,

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