Welcome to Jersey❄️

I’m officially in New Jersey to visit my friend Sharon.! I flew in yesterday into the Philadelphia airport & thanks to my impeccable timing there was a snow storm waiting to welcome me. 👎

The roads were bad so my friends were unable to drive & come pick me up so that left one option: A Taxi. But…there was an issue. When I left the airport there were ZERO taxis. 😩 But there was a man who said he owned a car service & would take me & another woman to our destinations. [Insert red flag here] This sounded a little shady so (me being me) I asked the man to show me some ID proving that he owned a legitimate car service. He did.  But I was still hesitant to place my bags in the car & get in so I told him: “This is my first time in Philly & I don’t wanna be robbed or kidnapped. Are you sure you aren’t a lunatic??”  The driver bust out laughing & said: I’m a pastor, a spiritual person & I promise I will do you nor my other customer any harm. I smiled & said: Ok good. I’m a spiritual person also & one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Needless to say…a great convo ensued & the pastor/driver  was familiar with JWs. He was really respectful & even turned off his Gospel music that was playing when we entered the car. I explained to him that I was in a sign language cong back in Chicago. He was really impressed & turns out he has a deaf brother. It was a great witness!

Finally, I arrived at my friend Sharon’s house. We’ve been snowed in since yest.  Service was a no go. So we’ve been eating food & hanging out waiting for the weather to break.


She made us homemade Shrimp Lo Mein for dinner last night. 😋

And she also made me a welcome sign lol.

Even though unexpected things have happened since I arrived….What’s important is that I was able to give a witness abt Jehovah & spend quality time with a quality friend. So in a way, despite the cold weather, New Jersey has still given me a very warm welcome.! 😊

B.P ❤️


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